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Some videos! don't forget to turn up the volume....

Here are some of my favourite you tube clips. Please send me links to your favourites and I'll post them here.

Antwerp Station: I won't explain this one you'll get the idea. 4 mins.

Oprah and the Black Eyed Peas: No not the show similar to Antwerp only bigger (stick with it, this is the full version of the worlds largest falsh mob dance) 6 mins

Millionare (who wants to be): I believe this is the coolest guy in the world. 2 mins 38secs

Meerkat Alan-Steve: Have you seen Alan? Click play below 47secs.


Sand drawing: Some people are just too talented!

Rainbow: Oh how this destroyed my childhood memories. 3 mins

Literal music: This Blondie classic will never be the same. There are many literal's out there so careful you don't get hooked watching them all click play below.


The Hitler Downfall series: Classic take on Hitlers last days, again there are loads of these so carefull you don't get stuck. Here is my favourite one (contains racism and foul language but I guess that's Hitler for you).