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Travellers corner is a page dedicated to family and friends away from New Zealand. If you would like to be added to this area or know someone that would, please email Mike Jackson with details and any pictures or movies you would like added. Any area that you would like password protected can be. It's usually best to provide information that you don't mind published on the web As you can see the last postings were in 2006 so please send any updates you have.

Below is a list of those travelling, recently been abroad or live away from home and some information about their travels








Glenn and Steff in Europe Posted 12/04/2010


Where can I start with Prague?

The women were nowhere near as hot as they had been made out to be. The city however is beautiful. We didn't really know what to expect with this place - a bit of an unknown quantity, but I am very glad to have been. I remember Ginga went there and told me about his trip; it was Steff1possibly he who told me the women were gorgeous, typical. Prague Castle was a real highlight- I have struggled to put into words what it was like to witness such a marvel in human construction- Phenomenal? Outrageous? I don't think they really cover it. The detail inside has left me speechless. Mind you, it has taken 1000 years to get to where they are, so in fairness, they shouldn't be too happy with that strike rate, one building every 1000 years?

Steph and I were very keen to try the local cuisine and it didn't disappoint. Steph had beef goulash with bacon dumplings; I had slow roasted pork with sauerkraut and potato dumplings- uber good! Had the local Pilsner Irqueel- something like that anyway- again another triumph.

The hostel we stayed at was right in the middle of town- handy. We were woken up by jackhammers at 7 am local time. The town square was tourist central. The clock in the middle of town had some sort of significance but I’m not sure what. Little men came out on the hour and a trumpet was played... Prague exceeded all expectations. Managed to go for a run on the last morning we were there and ran up the hill by the metronome, taking in how beautiful the city really is. A once in a lifetime opportunity that I’m very glad we took.


Steph has officially ruined my blog so now I have to be straight laced and do a boring one.

Berlin was great- very historic and very hard to look past the dark history of the city. Couldn’t help wonder where Hitler may have stood delivering his infamous speeches. The city has definitely moved on from the troubled past and it should be a lesson for Stephanie about my blog- Change is inevitable, accept it... Glenn1

So... had some local cuisine. Bratwurst sausage but very importantly no sauerkraut - still very yummy though. Had Vietnamese the first night. Really yummy and cheap. Had prawn and crab meat spring rolls and a crispy duck curry- so good.

Stayed in a nice hostel. In a 6 bed dorm room with an American who drank himself to sleep and a man with the worst man-boobs and loudest morning sharts- thought he was melting the porcelain.

Walked about two hours the next morning- ended up at the main train station which had the medical history museum next to it; very scary place. Had actual human remains highlighting the different diseases that can happen- thought I had it bad with my big head, elephantiasis to the skull was a nightmare.

They also displayed baby corpses. That wasn't right. Very informative afternoon though- made me think of University and how I am really looking forward to finally finishing up my degree!!!

Steff2Reichstag was next on this list. Pretty amazing building- that’s where the shit went down. Just around the corner was Brandenburg Gate- apparently famous speeches were made there by Hitler, JFK and more recently Barak Obama. As the money situation wasn't the best we ended up going to the free entry museums- The Willy Brandt Museum was a real find. Amazing bloke who fled for Denmark (maybe not Denmark) during the war and became Mayor of West Germany during the Communist split- ended up getting rid of them so he did alright.

Had a few beers- a few too many. Got pissed and watched Ireland lose to Scotland in the Rugby as well as France winning the Grand-slam. Told an Irish version of Jim McTamney to “get a large cock up him” Don't think he found it as funny as I did, great night. Had a lot of fun with Steph, and talked to a couple of random locals. Can't complain...

Berlin has jumped out as being a very trendy city- very dirty but they can pull it off with their chilled out factor.

Steph’s looking at me funny. We have just finished a couple of days in Amsterdam. Good times.

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS: 22/03/10 The Dam eh...The old Wacca Dam Dam, The old Damma...

Started off poorly. Steph and I weren’t feeling 100%. Stayed in a “Boatel” a little boat hostel on the wharf- it made our place in Rathmines feel like a mansion. Did the job though; close to town and a bit of character. Went straight to the famous red light district- absolutely classic- the prostitutes in the windows were out of this world- haven't seen anything like it before or since ( we left Amsterdam 1 ½ days ago) even Steph admitted that some of them were good looking- the light was forgiving I must admit but the whole buzz around the place was so seedy! GS1Iraqis and Iranians, Lebanese and Greek- slick hair and cheap jewelry really work a charm. The smell of weed that lingered over the district also gave you that sense that we weren’t in Wellington anymore- Strathmore, maybe...

Had a nice meal that night and retreated to bed early enough.

Walked all over the city the next day- saw Anne Frank’s house- didn't go in- €8.50 each-no chance. The lack of sleaze was nice when you got out of the district. Really gorgeous city- canals and old houses- we decided not to go to Venice because we kind of got that vibe...

We brought a hash cake for desert- it was bloody tasty and worked a charm; Steph and I were cracking up all night- Good times in the Dam!

Steph and I are getting on great- hopefully things don't change. Nearly in Paris...


Stopped at the train station on the way to Paris- Claiming it as a City/Country I can tick off the list.

PARIS, FRANCE: 24/03/10

Brilliant first day in Paris- went to the Eiffel tower, were given free tickets to the Louvre, saw Mona Lisa among other famous renaissance (only heard Steph say that word this afternoon so I'm stealing it, don’t evenGlenn2 know if they are renaissance) I heard a fact that if you stopped at saw every item shown for 30 seconds it would take 32 days to go around- some 350,000 items on show- wowwowweewow...

I managed to screw up today- touched one of the statues- a plethora of security came my way; I pleaded ignorance, under all the stress of the situation I still managed to see Steph running away and pretending not to know me... Showed her true colours a bit today...

Amazing place and very tired afterwards- needed a coffee hit... but not for €5.20!!!! Most expensive coffee I've ever had- rookie error going to a cafe outside the Louvre. Steph said it was the best poured coffee we've had on this trip- it tasted very bitter to me...

Steff3Saw a heap of Africans selling Eiffel Tower memorabilia, absolutely classic- first sign of a cop and you see about 30 black men with enough Eiffel tower shit to sink a ship sprinting for their lives with a couple of coppers on bikes chasing them- added to the buzz round the place.

Just had sausage sandwiches for dinner- adding to last night’s €2 spaghetti bolognaise, we really got a feel for the local cuisine... had a croissant...feck it.

Night’s coming to an end- scrabble and tea with chocolate fingers- what a couple of gimps. P.S we just downloaded an episode of come dine with me- saddos.


Allez le Bleu!! Day two of Paris...

Started off very well- hit the road for a run and felt very fit- haven't run like that for a while... Got back to the hostel and had breakfast with Stephy and said our goodbyes to Ryan- f**k me that was tough. A genuinely lovely bloke!

Went walking around Monmairte (Mont-Matre?) Went to the highest point in Paris and had a spectacular 360 degree view of the city. Had a picture with Joan of Arc- cool. Died at only 19 years old. Also saw the Moulin Rouge down the road- would have bloody loved to have gone to a show, apparently they are topless... Just got to the train station- we are only 8Glenn3 hours early... decided that with our bags and lack of spending money were best off to just come straight here. One of the biggest cities in the world and we’re in a room with two elderly woman next to me,... which I love..

Was a good call- had well and truly done Paris- amazing city with amazing food. We were lucky to be in such a nice area- along with the cafes, patisseries and shops, even the bloody butchery looked like art work!

Overall- loved Paris and we decided to cut Rome off the list as well as Venice and finish up in Marseille – Gives us a bit of breathing space as well as an excuse to do Italy properly. We can even work the western side of Europe at the same time.

Still don't know goodbye in French so- Sayonara.

Butcher Moulin1


The trip couldn’t have started off any better to this land they call Espansol. So we were trying to get on the train, which literally took 5 minutes to walk the length of (that may not sound like much but it’s pretty long) when we couldn't find our carriage- Steph’s now famous- or infamous panic set in... turned out the lady who booked it for us put us in first class- what a gem, whether it was by accident or not a lesson was learned- always be nice to people! Had a bloody great sleep on the 12 hour journey slept the whole way with my complimentary bottle of water and earplugs to boot- didn't even use them but brought them with me. Stopped in Cebere- Southern France on the border, amazing looking place, wouldn’t mind a cheeky little place there...

Barcelona is bloody brilliant- although Stephanie and I are getting a bit fed up with girls looking at me- bloody hell I’m having a break- give me some space. We are also fed up with taking photos of ourselves with certain Dog1monuments behind so we've ended up taking random photos of dogs- they’re funny.

Hostels very good-filled with pommy twats who think they’re cool with their cream cargo shorts, Barcelona 2010 polos and there STRAP ON SANDALS- what a bunch of (insert word here) …. Aussies are plentiful also- don't mind that so much- I'm finding my blog getting more bitter as this trip goes on, however these are not my true feelings- having an amazing time, undecided whether we’re going to finish in Bartha (Barcelona) or head up the French coast- sounds awfully romantic but the euro does dictate unfortunately.

Had a lovely seafood dinner and chocolate ice-cream for dessert walking on the Bartha wharf at sunset- I bloooooody love Bartha.

Day 3...

Had another cracking day, Went to the beach and read my book- getting through Barack Obama's memoir. Great read! We possibly saw the worst pair of flares also- some middle age man who really couldn't pull them off, nightmare. Only have a couple more days here before we take off to London- I think- haven't heard confirmation from Jo that the flights are booked- if not we'll just train our way up. Deniro is thin on the ground but we’re doing well!

Aaron found out I'm doing a blog and called me a “f**king sack” so I don't think it'll be appreciated...

Trips rounding off nicely... only one more blog to do; The summary... Lucky you!


Its over. See-ya.

John and Steff.






Ben Jack Cavanough Posted 17/01/2006

Hey everyone.. Hope you all had a good Xmas and new years. I hope my mother wasn’t too much of a burden on you all, as we all know what she is like, haha.

Well I'm currently in England at the moment for those who didn’t know, and have been for the past 4 months. A few days after my arrival I headed off on a two week long road trip with a couple of mates around Britain. We started off from London making our way up north towardsBenC Scotland, stopping over at many cities and towns on the way, where we stayed either in youth hostels, or camped.

Just a few things we did on the trip; visited most of the top football clubs stadiums, went on the beetles tour, had a few pints here and there, and pretty much drove non stop, oh and then had a few more pints. In Scotland we camped on loch ness ( I saw the monster ), went to Edinburgh, which has probably been my favourite place so far as I met a couple of nice young ladies who showed me around the place, leave that for another time anyway. We then headed for the fairy across to Ireland which in the end cost too much so we didn’t get on it. This meant that we had a bit of time to kill so we drove about 8 hours straight down to Wales, where we had some friends we visited and went out on the town a few nights.

About a month after having travelled I then had a friend arrive from Oz, whom travelled across to Bristol city with me as I had a trial with an academy there. The trials went reasonably well as they asked me back for a second lot however in the end I didn’t get in. Although if I had of made it I probably would of paid you all to get you out of that pathetic excuse of a country that you all live in, haha. None the less the experience was incredible and plan to trial again, however, I plan to get in next time, haha.

I then came back to Mike and Kate’s where I pretty much did nothing for a month, other than play in a social Sunday soccer team and go down to the local pub called the cricketers until Xmas… Xmas was good fun as everyone on kate’s side of the fam were here, however someone spiked my drink and I was sick for the rest of the day. Not to worry luckily for me I can handle my booze, I was up later and drinking again, very slowly this time. I spent new years with a few mates in central London which was an unreal night. Very expensive night for the girls though as they insisted on buying me drinks and stuff all night.

One of the best weeks I have had was heading over to Amsterdam just after New Years for a week. Thought whilst I was there I might as well try a few of the lovely cakes and biscuits etc they had on offer. They tasted really weird, hard to explain how they tasted but I swear there was something else in there I hadn’t tasted before. Don’t think I wouldn't go back there again but I highly recommend it to you Jackson girls from what Jen Jen has told me, its not her cup of tea but you girls would love it there or something..? Not too sure what she meant by that but it doesn’t sound too nice. You girls might have to have a word to her.

Well I decided to go back to Oz for a wee bit and do a bit of training etc, then hopefully return some time this year and probably play for Manchester united or something. I leave tomorrow on the 18th of Jan and am really looking forward to seeing Jen Jen and everyone else.

Lots of and lots of love to everyone there.

Regards, Ben




Craig McTamney Posted 25/05/2006

Hello Everyone,

I have now been in the UK for about 14 months and have been fortunate enough to see some wonderful places and met some great people. For those of you who do not know I came to Manchester Apr 05' to play cricket for a season. After getting a second ball duck in my first game asCraig1 the overseas player I was nearly ready to book myself on the next plane home, but thankfully I managed to sort myself and my performances out and really enjoyed the rest of the season.

Over the winter I needed to gain employment so I got a job in a Recruitment Agency for the Oil & Gas Industry. The company is called Fircroft and I am still here after 10 months and enjoying myself. If any family member is looking for a career change and wants a stint on an Offshore Oil Rig for a while 'say Kazakhstan etc' then I will no doubt be able to sort a member of the family out.

Over my time here I have been lucky enough to attend a U2 concert, REM concert, AB's v Wales at Cardiff & Scotland at Murrayfield, 2 Manchester United games, 3 Manchester City football games. Although I have not travelled as extensively as some of my friends I have managed to have spent some time in Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France, Amsterdam, Spain etc. I have many more trips planned especially over the summer months. Craig2Now I have also gained some new 'part time' employment recently in the entertainment industry. A double-decker bus which has been custom built in Manchester with couches, bar facilities, dance lights etc can be hired out by hens and stag parties (hopefully more hens) for a night to take them to and from the Manchester hot spots. My role in the process is to dress as an 'airline pilot' and act an entertainment (both on and off the bus)...before some of you think that my Mum will disown me for selling my body for the grand total of £35 a night, my role is to take the group to and from the night clubs and make sure they have an enjoyable night. I will update the web site with grossly exaggerated stories once I start later next month .

I hope everyone both in NZ and overseas are well. I think this website is a great idea of Kate and Mikes and I encourage everyone to add bits and pieces when they can.

Cheers Craig



Mark and Sayaka McTamney Posted 26/05/2006

Hi McTamneys and associated rellies of all shapes and sizes,

We are the Japan branch of the family and we have a small English conversation school here in Fujinomiya City on the banks of Mt Fuji. The school roll is approximately 135 with a couple of classrooms and two part-time teachers (in addition to me) 

We live in a brand new, postage stamp size apartment with our two daughters Abby and Alayna. Abby is 3 in September and Alayna turned the big 1 in March of this year. Alayna is just coming to the realisation thatMark1 she can fake an injury and get Abby into trouble whenever she likes, and Abby is excellent at explaining that she tried to take the marker pen off Alayna before she wrote on the wall but she wouldn't listen...

All of you thinking about coming to Japan or just wanting a brief stopover on your way to Europe (or home) give us a yell - we would love to have you come and stay. Japan is a cool place to visit and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Mark and Sayaka McTamney (